I held on to mine until I was 24. And I didn’t orgasm during sex until I was dating my wife. I could redefine that a little bit, but I’m not ready to yet.
I wanted to wait for love, and I finally just gave in, to a girl who asked for sex. I didn’t see love coming, and I got tired of saying no. Sex wasn’t bad the first time, but it wasn’t as good as advertised. It’s way better when you orgasm. Even then I really expected more. Well this isn’t a sex blog so back to the subject on my mind.
I know your suppose to keep your virginity as long as possible, but I have some doubts on that. I think if I would have had sex earlier not much really would have changed except I would have had more sex. I can think of many girl I wanted to and some of them even want to also, one even asked what was wrong. I was told I was really good with my hands, but never push to have anything without clothes. Well I’m gonna end this here because I only see it leading to me talking about my almosts.

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Meanest thing I’ve ever done

It wouldn’t be fair to you if I told you I love, because I don’t, good bye.

The truth was hard, but walking way from the heart broken tears, and pleading for me to lie just one more time, gave me a ice burden to bear, of just how cold I am.

My wife often tells me of how cold I am, and she doesn’t even know. Pain has caused me to close up, but that’s just life.

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Becoming an immortal

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Penmanship to wordmanship to txtes

I wouldn’t call myself lucky, but I remember in school being forced to re-write letters again and and I cursive until I could make them all look like the model letter. It reminds me of having to recant the tails of walkin in oceans of snow. My children weren’t forced to ever walk to school let alone in the snow. They actually ask to walk to school. They also were never forced to practice their penmanship either, while they’ve never ask to do that, their penmanship is very elegant

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